A woman immersing herself on the Ganges River during sunrise, the most important time of the day in
The city of Varanasi nestles on the banks of Ganges River in the North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh
A group of men bathes in the Ganges River
A portrait of Hindu devotee after bathing at the Ganges River
There are more than 80 ghats, the multiputpose, stone riverbank steps that give access to the Ganges
Buffaloes were herded down to drink and wash in the river while cows, which considered holy are left
Each ghat has its own distinct personality and function but always a communal place
A man relaxing under an image of Shiva at Dasaswamedh Ghat
In Hinduism, the river Ganges is considered sacred and worshipped as Goddess Ganga
Ganges is a center of social and religious tradition in India
The ghat is a riot of colour as women dressed after puja ceremony
The river contributes significantly to the lives of the surrounding communities
For thousands of years people have come to worship and offer their prayer to the Mother Ganga, an In
A portrait of Indian woman by the Ganges River
Millions of Hindu devotess throng in Varanasi
Hindu devotees and pilgrims believe that Ganga can wash away their sins

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The ghat is a riot of colour as women dressed after puja ceremony